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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Equine Lung and Respiratory Health

Dr. Eleanor Kellon, Staff Veterinary Specialist for Uckele Health & Nutrition

"No lung, no horse" is every bit as true as "No foot, no horse." As with subtle lameness, even minor decreases in lung function can have major impacts on performance. The lung is both remarkably simple and remarkably sophisticated.

You know how you feel when you have a cold or flu. The horse is no different. Rest and hydration are the cornerstones of therapy for all species. Sick horses will rest of their own accord. Where rest becomes an issue is in the return to work. Resuming work before inflammation has quieted down is dangerous for the throat and lungs. Wait at least a week after all symptoms have cleared with minor respiratory infections (Herpes) and a bare minimum of two weeks with influenza.

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