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Friday, January 13, 2017

Better Bedding Tip

Barn Lime is outdated and ineffective against ammonia build-up.
by Jennifer Roberts
Are you still using barn lime in an attempt to control the ammonia in your horse’s environment? Quite frankly, this archaic method of odor control just doesn’t cut it anymore.
Barn Lime (also referred to as Ag Lime or Dairy Lime) has essentially no ability to remove ammonia and odors. Barn lime is simply crushed up limestone, or calcium carbonate, which may cover odors if applied thick enough but does nothing to neutralize odors. The fact is that when you use Barn Lime, the ammonia remains and will eventually fill the environment once again. However, one word of caution, Barn Lime can be extremely slippery when wet… like when it is applied over urine.

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